Friday, 1 July 2011

Stitched Strawberries

Felt strawberries

You'll need:
-paper and pencil (I like to use freezer paper for patterns)
-scraps of felt in red and green
-about two dozen seed beads
-craft glue
-extra-strong thread and regular sewing thread
-small wad of stuffing
To make a pattern for the strawberry, draw a half circle with a 4" diameter on a piece of paper and cut it out. Draw a free-form strawberry leaf on paper and cut that out too.

Step 1
Pin the half-circle to a scrap of red felt and the leaf to a scrap of green felt (or iron if you are using freezer paper). Cut out the felt.
Step 2
Fold the half-circle in half and stitch along the straight side.
Step 3
Turn right side out and stuff.
Step 4
Using the extra-strong thread, make a running stitch along the top edge and pull the stitches to gather. Push a bit more stuffing inside, then tie off the thread to hold the gathers in place.

Step 5
Now it is time to attach the beads.
Step 6
Thread a needle with a small eye with regular sewing thread. Insert it through the top of the strawberry, coming out on the side. Thread a seed bead onto the needle, then insert it back down into the strawberry right next to where it came out.
Step 7
Continue adding seed beads, one at a time, coming out about an 1/8" away from the last bead, until the entire strawberry is covered. Tie off the thread hiding the knot near the top of the strawberry.
Step 8
Squeeze a ring of craft glue along the top of the strawberry.
Step 9
Place the leaf on top of the glue. Use pins to hold the leaf in place until the glue dries.
Step 10
Admire your strawberry!

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