Monday, 4 July 2011

How to Make 3-D Paper Star Decorations for Any Occassion

I found this project on Martha Stewart's website.  Even though it is intended for celebrating July 4th, I've used this idea for a recent birthday party. 

3-D Paper Star Decorations

3-D Paper Star Decorations

1.  Print out the template, and cut out the star. Place the template on the white card stock, and trace as many as will fit onto the sheet. Place the red and blue cardstock behind the white, and staple the three sheets together in the empty spaces between the stars. With sharp scissors or a ruler and utility knife, cut out the star shapes.

2. Use the ruler or bone folder to score down the centerline of each of two different-color stars, from the tip of one point straight down. Fold the stars in half along the scoring, and smooth it down with the bone folder. Sandwich the unscored star between the two scored stars, and staple along the fold lines.

Happy Crafting!

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