Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hershey's Kisses Bouquet

I found this on a blog and loved it so much that I had to share. 

Don't adjust your computer screen: You heard right....a bouquet made out of Hershey's Kisses! This was a quick gift I put this together for my grandmother's birthday. A way of making something handmade without having a lot of time on my hands. Did I mention there is chocolate involved???
Have you tried these new Air Delight Kisses? Yup...Aerated Chocolate Kisses! Delish :) I had these on hand (if you couldn't tell...I do have a direct line to this particular chocolate company as many of my posts have included this brand!) But think of all the different color/flavor combos you can use to create a bouquet (think showers, birthdays, get well, etc.).
This was the actual finished product:

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  1. Hi Tammy! I'm so glad you liked my post... Can you please include a link to my blog next tIme you use my images? Thank you so much for understanding! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
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