Monday, 4 July 2011

Fruit Pie Gel Candle

Materials needed:
  • small pie plate
  • wick stickum or hot glue
  • one votive zinc wick
  • one package of wax fruit (strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blueberry, peaches)
  • one pie crust (shell topper or lattice)
  • 1/4lb of high density gel
  • 10ml scent
Place the wick stickum on the bottom of the wick and center in the pie plate.
Place fruit around wick, keeping it level with the pie plate. It cannot stand higher than the edge of the pie tin or the crust will not fit on.
Heat the gel on direct heat in a candle pour pot. DO NOT WALK AWAY. Stir the gel until it becomes the consistency half way between corn syrup and water. Add scent and stir well. Cover the fruit to the very edge of the pie tin and quickly add the crust. The crust should attach to the pie tin and fruit with the gel. For the shell topper, apply a piece of accent fruit by dipping the fruit in gel and adhering to pie crust.


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