Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Pom Pom Pins {Tutorial}

Beautiful. Full. Vibrant. Who doesn't love pom pom flowers??

There are so many way to wear them... On a purse, on a scarf, in your hair, on pillows, to dress up a hat, on a jacket, the list goes on and on...

But my favorite part is that you can use your fabric scraps to make them!! Who doesn't love a simple free project?? :)

Start by cutting out about 12-15 circles with about a 3 inch diameter, and cut a circle of felt for the back.

Then pinch the center of the circles to make a petal.

Place a little hot glue on the bottom.

And start pressing those petals on to your circle of felt.

Keep filling it up with petals.

When you are finished it will look a little crazy! :) Just get out your scissors and trim around it until it looks pretty!

Then you can glue a pin or clip onto it, and you are done! Way too easy, right?

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