Tuesday, 7 June 2011

DIY- Pretty Cupcake Stands

I wanted little cupcake stands to show off cupcakes we create lately. We have kind of joined the cupcake craze. So everything we make is a cupcake now. Invite us over for dinner– OK– we’ll bring cupcakes. Been learning how to frost them etc.
I needed something more than my cake stand. So Chad and I got to thinking.

Strolling around Joanns store- we saw beveled wood pieces. I believe it is for a plaque? Not sure. Got the bright idea of adding them to the top of glass candle sticks we get at the dollar store.

Love pretty colors and white spray paint. Spray paint makes everything prettier.

Spray painted the wood plaques.

Dollar store candle sticks before painting….

Beautiful green color…
Once everything was dried we glued the candle stick to the top piece with some E-6000 glue. (My favorite glue of all time!!)

Tie on a ribbon if you fancy.. and now I have 3 fun cupcake stands for many occasions. :)
I love how they turned out. Fun colors and just the perfect size for my cupcakes to show off.

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