Saturday, 18 June 2011

How to: Set up an at-home bar

Serve up swanky drinks at your next soirée with a well-stocked bar. But, please, no juggling à la Tom Cruise in Cocktail on your first go!

Before you invite you invite guests over for a few brews and cocktails, you'll need to make sure your bar's fully stocked. Below are some of the items you'll want to have on hand for whatever the drink or size of spill.

• Martini (for its namesake and other fruity concoctions)
• Highball (for mixed drinks, sodas or beer)
• Tumbler (for single-spirit drinks served on the rocks)
Wine (narrow bowl for white and wider for red)

• Jiggers
• Cocktail shaker and strainer (some shakers come with a strainer built in) • Stirrers
• Corkscrew and bottle opener
• Zester
• Muddler (mojitos, anyone?)
• Ice bucket and tongs
• Small knife and cutting board (for fruit)
• Manual juicer
• Blender (to make drinks worthy of paper umbrellas)
Napkins and a few tea towels (to mop up spills)

• Vodka (the base for many mixed drinks)
• Gin (it was good enough for the Queen Mum!)
• White rum
• Tequila
• Red and white wine
Champagne (who needs an occasion to celebrate?)
• Beer

• Tonic and soda water
• Cola
• Ginger ale
• Juices (orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, cranberry, Clamato)

• Olives
• Celery
• Mint leaves
• Sugar (for rimming)
• Lemons and limes (for zesting or juicing)


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